The Gravesend Fixed Seat Rowing Club

The reasons for setting up the Gravesend Fixed Seat Rowing Club is to make collecting fees from rowers easier for rowers and committee. Previously rowers would pay £1 per trip for their training sessions and £10 to enter races, many rowers prefer not to carry cash on training nights and entry fees needed to be paid in advance of Regatta day.

Under the new scheme rowers will pay an annual membership fee at the start of the season ,which will cover all training sessions and entry to any race organised by Gravesend Regatta Committee. The fee for 2017 is £25. The club will be administered by Gravesend Regatta Committee so no new committee will be required. New rowers will be able to try rowing by paying £1 per trip (maximum 5 evenings), this will be deducted from their membership fee should they choose to join.