An early start to the season

We have a boat in already and it is not even mid-April!!

Exciting news to start the season off. On Saturday at around 11.30 AM the first boat was ready on the trailer and pushed along the prom to the jetty. 

With a flawless launch, the first of the Gravesend Regatta Societies boats were launched. It was meant to be a warm barmy 17C but on this occasion, the weather did not live up to the hype and it was decidedly chilly.

20190406 121136

A huge thanks to Chris, Dennis, and all the members of the old Gravesend Regatta Fixed Seat Rowing Club who helped clean the boats when they came in.

It meant that the new Gravesend Regatta Society have got off to a flying start.

Practice nights

Practice nights will be Tuesday and Thursday, 5 pm until 7 pm ish depending on light and the conditions.

Please do fill in the membership form and bring cash or cheque along or pay online with bank transfer.

Details here