Gravesend Regatta EGM 18th March 2019

A message from the Chairman Shane Cleaver:-
As you will know the Committee has been working hard to ensure that we put the Gravesend Regatta on a secure footing. To make sure the Regatta continues one of the longest and proudest traditions of Gravesend. With the success of our bid to the Charity Commission to form the Gravesend Regatta Society charity we now need to move to the next stage of this process. As per the constitution, we need to formally dissolve the old Gravesend Regatta Committee and host the first AGM of the new Gravesend Regatta Society, to adopt the new constitution, elect our Trustees and Committee and take on the liabilities assets and responsibilities of the old committee.
This is, therefore, the formal notice as per the constitution calling an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Gravesend Regatta Committee for all Committee Members and all Members. This will take place on:
Council Chamber - Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 1AU
Subject to a positive vote on the motion the cessation and transfer of responsibilities, duties and assets, the AGM of the new Gravesend Regatta Society will then take place on the demise of the old Committee which is anticipated no later than 7.50pm on the same night at the same venue.
An agenda for the evening will follow in due course.
We look forward to you joining us on this historic occasion as we mark the transition to a new era for the Regatta to ensure it remains part of the fabric of Gravesend for years to come.