Mixed Points Regatta Sunday 29th July 2018

After the success of the recent Town Regatta, we are staging a further rowing event for you to take part in before the end of the Summer. On Sunday 29th July, we shall be holding a Mixed Points Regatta and now invite you to put your names forward so that we can gauge numbers and organise crews beforehand.

So please, either reply as soon as possible to Stephen Cason (Rowing Club) or make it known to a Committee member (at training) that you want to be included.

Crews will be as ‘evenly matched’ as possible and the race order/race times will be published, as early as we can, before the event but no later than Thursday 26th July.

Please be aware that with the number of crews expected, you will row at least 4 times during the day. Once set the crews will stay the same for the whole day, so it is important that if you indicate you can row, that you are available throughout the event.

For those of you who haven't yet paid the £25 membership to the Gravesend Regatta Fixed Seat Rowing Club, there will be a day fee of £5 to take part.

Gravesend Town Regatta Rowing Programme 2018

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June



 Gravesend Rowing Club

 13.00  Presentation for Gravesend Rowing Juniors

Followed by


 14.00  Mixed Race - Heat 1
 14.30  Mixed Race - Heat 2

 Men's Novice Race and
 Ladies Novice Race - Final

 16.30  Mixed Race - Final
 17.00  Veteran's Race - Final



 11.00  Men's Trade Race - Heat 1 
 11.30  Men's Trade Race - Heat 2
 12.00  Ladies Race - Final
 12.30  Men's Clubs Race - Heat 1
 13.00  Men's Clubs Race - Heat 2

 Followed by


 14.00  Portworker's Race - Final
 14.20  Ladies Publican's Race - Final
 14.50  Men's Trades Race - Final
 15.40  Men's Clubs Race - Final
 16.30  Men's Publican's Race - Final
 17.15  Premier Race

To ensure the timetable runs to schedule, please ensure full crews are ready to boat 10 minutes prior to your race time. All races will start promptly an dthe Umpire will not wait for missing crews/crew members.


The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the


Will be held on Monday 29th January 2018 at the


Civic Centre
Windmill Street
at 7.30 p.m.



Chairman welcomes the Mayor and invites him to take the chair.

  1. Minutes of Previous AGM
  2. Financial Report
  3. Election Of Committee
  4. Amendments to Constitution
  5. Correspondence
  6. Election of Officers
       Vice Chair
  1. Election of Auditors
  2. Election of Boat and Shore Committees
  3. Proposal to change to a Society
  4. AOB
  5. Date and Venue of Next Meeting

2017 Events

Throughout the year the Gravesend Regatta Committee organises its own Regattas and races for the local teams.  In addition, it also encourages entries into other group's races.  These currently include The Great River Race and the Round Canvey Race.

In 2017, we held three events over the course of the Summer’s rowing season.

The first was the 171st Gravesend Town Regatta, which was a two day event over the weekend of 8th/9th July. On the Saturday, this included invitation racing by Gravesend Rowing Club and Scratch Racing in the Regatta skiffs. Scratch crews were made up of men and ladies of differing rowing experience. On the Sunday, we held races for ‘pubs’, ‘clubs’ and ‘novices’ followed by a ‘row past’ in memory of Helen Skellorn, a long-standing former Committee member, who sadly passed away in early 2017.

The second event was an extension of the Scratch races held in July, in as much that, we attracted at least double the amount of rowers. This meant we were in the enviable position of racing off in heats spread across the whole day and the rowers were awarded points depending on their finishing position in each heat. The eventual ‘winner of the day’ was the crew with the most ‘Points’. This event was held on a lovely sunny day in mid-August.

The final event was held on the last Sunday in August and was a ‘handicap race’ involving the Regatta skiffs, Gravesend Rowing Club boats and Thames Waterman’s Cutters crewed by the PLA (Port of London Authority) and LPHA (London Port Health Authority). Luckily, the weather was as predicted - hot and sunny, we attracted plenty of friends and supporters along and after the race everyone enjoyed a BBQ.

These events were organised with the help and participation of some Rowing Club members, which meant that we had the use of the clubhouse over the 3 events. In September, we held a Presentation Night at the Rowing Club, during which traditional Regatta cups and trophies were presented to the winning crews. A raffle was also held raising further funds for the maintenance of the boats and future events.

We would like to be able to offer a similar programme for 2018 but will often adapt the programme according to crew numbers and rower’s experience.