Youth Federation Race 18-21 Yrs

Gravesend Regatta

Perpetual Challenge Shield

Presented by A.H.Palmer

Second to his brother

Winner of Doggettes


1973 - 1982

Race: Youth Federation Race 18-21 Yrs

Event: ?

Still Presented/Raced: No

Gravesend Town Regatta Silver Jubilee Year A.D.1935

The TEX Shield

Presented by A.Oliver Esq.

Open Competition Schoolboys Race

In Watermans Skiffs

With Waterman as Coxswain

to be Competed for Annually

1935 - 2008

Race: Schoolboys Race

Event: Open - Juniors

Still Presented/Raced: No

The Long Ferry Plate

Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Westminster to Gravesend

28 Miles

Presented by his Family in memory of Charles Bright

1995 - 1999

Race: Westminster to Gravesend

Event: Long Ferry

Still Presented/Raced: No

Mmmm....Yummy Shield

Sponsored by Mmmm....Yummy

2004 - 2007

Race: Ladies Novice

Event: Town Regatta

Still Presented/Raced: Yes