Membership Application or Renewal

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PLEASE NOTE: By joining the Gravesend Fixed Seat Rowing Club, it is on the understanding that you agree to be opted in to receive information regarding activities of the Club, the Gravesend Regatta Committee and the propose Gravesend Regatta Society when it is formed. It is also on the understanding that, so that these organisations can send you this information, they may retain in their mailing lists your name and email address and any other details, other than those relating to the payment, that you provide with this application including after your membership ceases. If you do not wish to receive material from these organisations in the future, please contact us at or by using the unsubscribe button on emails we send you and we will remove your contact details from our mailing list. Also, your membership of the Club is on the understanding that, when the proposed Gravesend Regatta Society is set up, your membership will automatically be transferred into this.